Mobile Massage Therapy

Enjoy massage in the comfort of your home!

Carbondale/basalt: 60 minutes - $115    90 minutes - $165

Aspen/snowmass: 60 minutes - $150   90 minutes - $225


Intuitive Massage :   

Incorporates many different styles and techniques personalized to your needs, including myofascial release, swedish relaxation, sports joint mobilization, foot reflexology, and acutherapy. Ideal to address chronic pain, headaches, and sports recovery.

Shiatsu :   

Japanese style of bodywork based on traditional Oriental Medicine techniques. Involves finger pressure, palm pressure, joint mobilization, and assisted stretching. Benefits include increased energy, balance, and general well being. 

TMJ Disorder Treatment :

Session focused on releasing  tension related to TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Disorder which generally consists of intra-oral (inside the mouth), face, neck, skull, and shoulder myofascial release and massage.

24 hour Change/cancellation policy